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Set of 2 Resistance Bands - Pink & Black (Glute Bands)

Set of 2 Resistance Bands - Pink & Black (Glute Bands)

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This set includes one medium resistance band (Pink) and one heavy resistance band (Black)

Our glute bands are the perfect fitness accessory designed to target and strengthen the glute muscles during workouts. Incorporating these bands into your exercise routine can increase the intensity of your workouts and enhance the effectiveness of glute-focused exercises.

With Trinity Edge Fitness Bands, you turn up the intensity of your workouts and achieve your fitness goals quickly and effectively. These are a powerful upgrade to any workout - from squats and lunges to hip thrusts and lateral band walks, all while maintaining proper form and resistance. Use them to warm up and activate your lower body before a workout or add resistance to your favorite leg exercises to enhance their effectiveness.

Convenient & Portable:

Our glute bands are convenient and portable, making them the perfect fitness accessory for any on-the-go. The compact design means you can easily store them in your gym bag, luggage, backpack, or purse. Whether on vacation or at home, these bands offer a convenient way to stay active and complete a workout anytime and anywhere.

Materials & Design:

Unlike other glute bands, these are designed to resist rolling up, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted workout experience. Made from high-quality materials including polyester cotton, latex, silk, natural rubber, and nylon. Providing a comfortable fit and preventing slipping during exercise.

The Pink band and White Marble band are both Medium Resistance (25-35 lbs) and measure 15' x 3" (38 cm x 8 cm)

The Black band and Black Marble band are both Heavy Resistance (40-50 lbs) and measure 17' x 3" (43 cm x 8 cm)

Care Instructions: 

Machine wash cold and delicate cycle on your dryer. If you prefer to wash by hand, soak your bands in warm, soapy water. Then lay bands flat to dry.

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Glute Bands comes with a FREE Glute Band workout.  Workout video will be sent to your email after purchase.

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