Hello Fit Fam!

I'm Ashley, your fitness and nutrition specialist

ISSA Certified Nutritionist and Founder

A native of Ohio, but currently resides in Miami, FL. I have a bachelor's degree from The Ohio State University in Strategic Communication and a Master's in Business Management from Troy University. I am a certified nutritionist specializing in sports and women's nutrition. Although my specialization is women, I help all age groups, demographics, and backgrounds. We all deserve to look and feel our absolute best, and my passion is to help you succeed!

The Journey

My love for fitness began when I started hosting fitness camps and challenges with 50+ participants worldwide in 2012. These camps pushed me to start my own company, ADJ Fitness. I didn't want to provide only meal and fitness plans and further get in touch with my client's inner beauty!

I spent time in DC focusing on my career, but I never lost my passion for fitness and helping others. Through the pandemic, I was able to re-focus and brought me back to my true passion. I lost over over 20 pounds by doing home workout routines and nutrition plans which I created.

Fitness has always been more than just exercise to me, it is a trinity of exercise, balanced diet, and positive mental health.

While on both a fitness and personal journey, I strengthened my relationship with Christ. This rejuvenated connection to Christ inspired me to transform ADJ Fitness into Trinity Edge Fitness. 

Why Trinity Edge Fitness?  

The Trinity stands for the unity of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. The unity of mental health, clean eating, and fitness make the trinity required for a better lifestyle.